BORN2FIT: Pre & Postnatal Exercise

Rp 2.500.000

BORN2FIT: Safe Exercise For Pre & Postnatal Mother
Are you a coach who want to help your female clients and give them a chance for keeping a healthy lifestyle safely throughout their pre & postnatal journey? Or, are you a mother who want to know more about pre & postnatal exercise?
Either way, this course is for you! Learn the fundamental knowledge of the physiological and psychological changes of prenatal & postpartum.

Course Type:

I. BORN 2 FIT: WORKSHOP (tidak ada ujian)

ONLINE ONLY selama masa pandemik belum selesai.

Syarat: Tidak ada dan untuk umum

Durasi: Satu hari

A one-day workshop that will gives you the basic fundamental knowledge, do’s and don’ts of pre & postnatal fitness to safely train you or your clients with a proper modifications.
Invesment: Rp2,5 juta

II. BORN 2 FIT: CERTIFICATION (sertifikasi dan ada ujian)

ONLINE ONLY selama masa pandemik belum selesai.

Syarat: Sudah lulus Certified Fitness Trainer

Durasi: Satu hari (hari ke-2 setelah workshop)

A certification course that will prepare you to become a pre & postnatal trainer with confidence. A tactile and in-depth learning that will also covers the anatomy changes.
Investment: Rp2 juta

(untuk peserta yang sudah ikut workshop hanya perlu menambah Rp2 juta)

Baik workshop atau course terbuka untuk peserta laki-laki.


Modul soft copy akan diberikan kepada peserta.

Syarat kelulusan: Lulus Tes Praktik (untuk peserta Certification saja).

Syarat peserta: Lulus SMU atau sederajat (Workshop) dan sudah APKI Certified Fitness Trainer.