Rp 2.500.000

Course type: Workshop (ONLINE ONLY)

Online Training Business Workshop is designed to equip you with all the required knowledge and skills to be a successful online trainer. This workshop provides the business development and marketing systems so that you can have an unfair advantage in building the perfect online training business.

The purpose of this workshop is to help personal trainer achieve financial security and freedom, whilst at the same time giving them the luxury to spend more time with family and friends. Not only limited for fitness professionals, it is also aimed at fitness enthusiasts who want to pursue their passion without the need to leave their current job.

Course details:

  • Introduction to Online Training.
    1. What is online coaching and why is it promising.
  • Business Structure of Online Coaching.
    1. Different types of services you can offer.
    2. Materials required to accelerate your business’ growth.
    3. How to price your service accordingly.
    4. The legalities of online coaching business.
  • Different Types of Marketing Strategies to Attract and Retain Clients.
  • Ways to Take Care of Your Clients.
    1. Steps to develop client relationship.
    2. Client motivation tactics.
    3. Assessment process and tools.
    4. Accountability strategies.
    5. How to create program templates.
    6. Client referrals strategies.
  • The Role of APKI in Helping You Grow as Online Trainer.


Modul soft copy akan diberikan kepada peserta.

CEC Point: 2

Syarat peserta: Lulus SMU atau sederajat.

Durasi Workshop: 1 (satu) hari ONLINE.