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Course Type: Workshop


Fitness injuries are diverse in terms of the mechanism of injury, how they present in individuals, and how the injury should be managed.

Optimize the healing process and reducing risk of injury by applying Functional Prehab method.

Learning Objective :
1. Learn about sport injury
2. Common injury in fitness
3. Quick test for injury
4. Anatomy and biomechanical consideration
5. Quick & safe solution according to Functional Prehab method

Founded by Asep Azis Sst.Ft
Educator for APKI Indonesia
Educator for Rehab Trainer Australia
Founder of Physiopreneur Sport Physiotherapy clinic
Physiotherapist for several National Sports Teams of Indonesia


Modul akan diberikan kepada peserta.

CEC Point: 3

Syarat peserta: Lulus SMU atau sederajat.

Durasi Workshop: Satu (1) hari ONLINE / Satu (1) hari REGULAR.