Rp 12.000.000

Course Type: Workshop + Certification (WITH ONLINE)

The Fitness Foundations course is designed to give you the scientific skills you need for a career in fitness industry. You will learn how to give an effective client pre-screening, fitness assessment, exercise prescription and exercise demonstration as well as develop marketing and communication skills.

This course designed to acommodate the needs of industry. The content reflects qualifications that enable people to be competent as a fitness trainer.

Why APKI Fitness Foundations?

This is the first and the only fitness foundation available in Indonesia.


Duration: 2 Month weekend course
Number of sessions: 8 (ONLINE + REGULAR)
Course Day: Saturday
Time: 09.00 – 17.00
Language: Bahasa & English (instructional only)
Courses included: Fitness Trainer course, Functional Prehab, Sports Nutrition, Functional Tools Workshop and Fitness For the Mind.

2 months (8 weeks) before Fitness Trainer Certification.

Invesment Fee: Rp. 12.000.000,-
Please note this course is only for Indonesian / not available to international students yet.

High school graduate or equivalent.


Principles of Exercise Physiology
Take an introductory look at the fundamentals of human physiology with applications to acute exercise. It cover the underlying principles and concepts of exercise science, including the core areas of: human physiology, motor learning, functional anatomy and biomechanics.

Program Designing
Learn the skills necessary to create a strength training program that is safe, effective and customized to meet specific needs.

Introduction to Fitness Modalities
Be familiar with all the different types of modalities that are used as a fitness trainer.

Health and Fitness Assessments
Gain a theoretical and practical understanding of fitness assessments and learn how to interpret results. The course covers how to assess body composition, cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility tests. At the end of the course you will be able to utilize these principles when designing exercise programs.

Injury Prevention and First Aid
This topic teaches basic first aid to injured clients in the first few minutes, as well as ways to prevent illnesses and injuries from occurring.

Professional Development
Develop key study and employability skills essential for personal and career success. Increase your awareness and understanding of the processes involved in learning and professional development.

Communication and Instructional Skills
Learn the most important skills about effective communication, how to effectively convey your message, and use the right communication style. This topic also cover issues that impact upon leading, coaching and instructing exercise related sessions.

Course work, examination and work based learning.

You can apply online to study Fitness Foundations HERE.